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Exactly Six Hours Ahead of Her Time

5 June
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"If Bill Mahr and Lilly Tomlin had a baby--it MIGHT be a smarmy lesbian, or it MIGHT be the irrepressible JEANNIE DEAN..."
--The Istachatta Informer

There are legends who have entertained millions...
and then there are legends who've entertained millions--one at a time.
Jeannie Dean is almost just such a legend.

Born the southern Jewish daughter of New York political science professors, she grew up funny. Later she struggled to not be quite as funny, but it didn't work out. At the ripe age of nineteen, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. Within just years and years, she was well on her way to becoming the "Least-Well-Known Funny Person in America Not Doing Impersonations of Drunk People"...**

Miss Dean has appeared at Stand Up NY, The Improv, and Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway. She has opened for such favorites as Ray Romano and Brette Leake, and was a featured performer for the satirical political action group, BILLIONAIRES FOR BUSH. Miss Dean spent several years spreading her comedy wing-chops in Austin, Texas, where she was a writer/ performer with the infamous comedy troupe Esther's Follies. While there, Miss Dean moon-lighted as a "Last-Rights-Comic Standing" for hundreds of Death Row inmates in Huntsville. Seven out of ten death row inmates said she was better than their last meal.

After the Great Goat Scare of '92, Jeannie Dean fled the trappings of the Big City to become a nun. Never before, or since, has atonement been so hilarious. After residing in the Abby for over a year, Mother Superior sange her a nice song and kicked her out. It was then that Jeannie Dean realized she could no longer run away from her true calling--not being a nun.

Since then, she has traversed the country, going from town to town with her tiny skits, making sure every American gets their laughs the way God intended...one on one.

Miss Dean is currently riding out her sentence in Sarasota, Florida...far from her real home, Brooklyn NYC.
(**Comedy Yes-Fest, Local Chapter Review)